Sterling Small – Program Manager

Shawna Hotch – Finance Officer

Brian Sanders – Tribal Sponsorship Representative

Brooke Whitewolf – Tribal Assister

TPSP Payment Confirmations:

The Tribal Premium Sponsorship will no longer mail out monthly payment confirmation notices. Starting November 1, 2018, we will upload the payment confirmations onto our website on this page. Below there will be a link for the payment month in question, then search for your TPSP ID # to see if your premium was paid. For new participants, you will receive one initial mailed out payment confirmation that will contain your TPSP ID #. From then on, your payment confirmation will be posted below, on this page.

For our Medicare Part B reimbursement participants, please remember, all reimbursements will be mailed out to the address unless otherwise informed. If you have requested to pick up your check, we will call you when the checks are ready.


Payment Confirmations:

November 2018 Payment Confirmation

December 2018 Payment Confirmation

January 2019 Payment Confirmation

February 2019 Payment Confirmation

March 2019 Payment Confirmation





Contact the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Premium Sponsorship Program at:

(406) 477-6722, (406) 477-4997, or (406) 477-4921,  

to find out if you are eligible for private insurance at no cost to you.




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