Sterling Small – Program Manager

Shawna Hotch – Finance Officer

Brian Sanders – Tribal Sponsorship Representative

Brooke Whitewolf – Tribal Assister


Find out about the Tribal Premium Sponsorship Program (TPSP)


What is the Tribal Premium Sponsorship Program?

The Tribal Premium Sponsorship Program sponsors health insurance premium amounts in order to offer affordable health care coverage to the Northern Cheyenne Native American Community. We now offer two sponsorship programs: Marketplace Sponsorship and Medicare Part B reimbursement sponsorship.

What is Market Place Sponsorship?

We will enroll you in a Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan and we will pay for your health insurance premium, all at no cost to you. TPSP is an added benefit that can make services available to you; it allows IHS to expedite your access to healthcare specialists if you have supplemental insurance, such as BlueCross Blue Shield, at no cost or limited cost to you. In case of emergencies, you will have access to medical care when traveling. Please remember, TPSP participants MUST to secure a referral from IHS when seeking services elsewhere to avoid having to pay co-pays or deductibles.

You and your family may be eligible for TPSP’s Marketplace Sponsorship if:

  1. You are enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe;
  2. You live in Rosebud County or Bighorn County;
  3. You are NOT eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, Champva, or Not offered affordable health insurance through an employer or your spouse employer; and
  4.  Your 2018  household income qualifies you for PTC’s (Premium Tax Credit)
  5. IHS has referred you to our program.


Do I qualify for Medicare Part B Sponsorship?

If you are already enrolled in Medicare Part B, you may qualify for our reimbursement program. Because you pay into Medicare Part B, we cannot pay the premium for you, but we can reimburse you for what you pay monthly or quarterly.

How does it work?

  1. Fill out the Medicare Part B screening form;
  2. Submit a copy of your Medicare Card;
  3. Submit a copy of your Social Security Card (if Social Security Number is not on your Tribal ID);
  4. Submit a copy of your tribal ID or a Certificate of Indian Blood;
  5. Submit a copy of your current years (2019) Awards Benefit Letter;
  6. and bring all documents listed above into Board of Health Administrative Offices or fax it to (406) 477-6829, subject line ATTN: TPSP.


Click on links on the left side of the main page for more information, or to submit an application for BlueCross BlueShield coverage now, fill out a 2018 Marketplace Application (click on link) and fax it to (406) 477-6829.




Contact the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Premium Sponsorship Program at:

(406) 477-6722, (406) 477-4997, or (406) 477-4921,  

to find out if you are eligible for private insurance at no cost to you.



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