Q: How do I schedule a same day appointment?

A: Please make scheduled appointments for the following types of appointments: Prenatal, Medication Refills, Pain Medication Refills, Physicals,
Womens Health, and Hospital Discharge. See the appointment card for contact numbers
of Primary Care teams.


Q: How does a college student apply for Purchase Referred Care (PRC) formerly Contract Health Service?

A: Download the Purchase Referred Care (PRC) student packet. The information and guidelines enclosed pertain to students.


Q: Where can I get travel assistance for my medical appointment?

A: If your medical appointment is part of a referral from Preferred Patient Care (formerly known as Contract Health Service)
at the IHS Northern Cheyenne Community Health Center, they will coordinate transportation needs to and from medical
appointments. Please read the policy for more information.


Q: Where can I receive health education on diabetes and nutrition?

A: The Wellness Center offers a variety of nutrition plans for diabetics and those caring for diabetics. Please see the
Healthy Plate program for more information on how to prevent, control
and reverse Type 2 diabetes. The Wellness Center can also be contacted at 477-4940.

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