Eugene Little Coyote is Health Administrator, who serves as supervisor for all departments and department directors.  You can contact his office through his administrative assistant Linda Brady at (406) 477-4903.

All administrative offices are located in the main NCTBH building on the north side of Lame Deer, adjacent to Chief Dull Knife College and the Daycare Center. Other administrative offices include the office of Healthcare Marketplace outreach, and the front office/mail room led by  Office Manager at (406) 477-6722.



The Budget Department manages the NCT Board of Health program monies and accounts.  The Director of Budgets is Anna Old Crane.  Her support staff oversees travel arrangements/reconciliation, billings and medical resources.  The Budget Department can be reached through the main number (406) 477-6722.



The Grants Compliance office is led temporarily by Maria Roundstone, who oversees compliance issues and deadlines for the grants that the NCT Board of Health provides health services with. Maria can be reached (406) 477-4908



The Maintenance department oversees the physical upkeep of the several tribal health buildings/facilities and grounds keeping.  To contact the Maintenance Department call  at (406) 477-4912.



The Information Technologies Office is responsible for the operation & maintenance of the computer network of the NCTBH.  Sydney Bahr is the IT Technician, and can be reached at (406) 477-4952.

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